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Armed Heist: TPS Shooting Game
Platform :  
Size :   2262.18M
Date :   2020/11/16
Version :   2.2.3
Devoloper :   SOZAP
Tags : Action Shooting

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Editors' Review

The shooter game Armed Heist features a rather intriguing game plot and offers players a chance to become bank robbers trying to rob more than 70 banks while evading the flying bullets from the cops. The most fabulous trait of the game is that it permits players to modify the features of the weapons so that they can keep customizing their collection of arsenal as they like. The three Dimension crime map offers players a vantage point to observe the whole crime scene so as to make wise strategies to rob banks more efficiently. You will be welcomed by a wide variety of scenarios that will never get you bored of the game. You can even customize your characters by unlocking various kinds of skins, masks, and outfits to gain a sense of identity. The quality of the graphics is so high that every single image of the game becomes visual entertainment for players. Unlike other shooter games in which players can only gain a partial view of their gun all the time, in Armed Heist, you can rotate the angle and gain a dynamic and active view of the scene in order to get more acknowledged of the situation you are in.


The action-packed shooter game which is called Armed Heist is played from a third-person perspective and offers you heart-gripping entertainment from the beginning to the end. Different from the traditional shooter games which mainly involve a plot of battling between two teams taking opposing stances, the protagonist of Armed Heist players will take full control of is a bank robber and is scheming about strategies to succeed. Your character’s aim is to rob as many banks as possible while shooting against the fully armored trucks in the protection of the banks. Try to avoid the incoming flying bullets use your skills and stay alert throughout the gameplay process. This time, you are on the evil side fighting against cops, which is a rare chance for you to experience in the real life. More than 70 banks are there for you to challenge to rob with perfect strategies. Become a legendary robber or die! Leave no mercy for your enemies and fight till the end. What’s more amazing, the weapon system allows you to customize your weapons and modify the features of the guns. Choose from a wide variety of options, varying from pistols, and rifles, to shotguns. Keep improving your weapons in order to get fully prepared for each time’s attack. 

How To Play

Since Armed Heist is a shooter game, it requires players’ skills and strategies to win the game. The game features a wide assortment of scenarios, and in which scenario, you need to pick up different moves and gun skills in order to quickly adapt to the situation. Therefore, being flexible and learning through the process are all key points for players when playing the game. What’s more, the action-packed game requires players to be quick-minded and act fast, so it is of paramount significance for players to master the controls throughout the shooting process so that they can naturally pick up the most suitable weapon in different scenarios. Last but not the least, staying calm is a prerequisite for all shooter game players during the battle so that you could make the right action swiftly. Or else whenever you come across urgent situations, you will get completely lost and don’t know what to do next, which is detrimental to the whole strategy of the robbing plan. Hope you can gain your victory by following the instructions above. Good luck!



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