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Zombieville USA 2
Platform :  
Size :   65M
Date :   June 24, 2016
Version :   1.6.1
Devoloper :   Mika Mobile
Tags : Action Adventure Zombies

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Editors' Review

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Do you like shooting games? Would you be more interested in the style being cute? I want to introduce you to one of my favorite games, which is about zombies but don't worry, it's not scary at all. The game is called Zombieville USA 2 by Mika Mobile, Inc. development.

Zombieville 2 is a zombie-themed version of the adventure cross-level shooting game. The game's overall style is cartoon-based, the details of the scenes are depicted very fine, and the zombies also look very cute. In the main story of the town, due to the outbreak of a zombie virus, the city has become a zombie, and you will play the town's only survivor, using a variety of weapons to eliminate all the city of zombies. The overall operation of the game is not very difficult; the left-hand controls character movement and the right hand is shooting. Players in the game can carry three different weapons equipment and can be used at will to switch the three weapons. You may face a horde of zombies in the game, but you can buy more powerful weapons by shooting off fallen zombie coins and upgrading your weapons and skills. Zombie Town 2 Android has dozens of weapons with different abilities for players to unlock, making it easier to pass with better weapons skills. Overall, the game has very high playability, and interested players can download it to try it out. This game is characterized by the skills and props set; the game has a higher game experience. In addition, although the 2D cartoon style will never affect the player's mood, it's a perfect likeness. Zombies have invaded your city, and as the sole survivor, you must fight to survive. It features 15 different weapons, thrilling graphics, intuitive touch control, and automatic record-keeping. The downside is that there's no place to buy bullets, so the only way to resupply is to get close to the house. If you have any diverse, you can give it a try and see how far you can go. After level 50, the zombies are said to be significantly faster than the characters, and there are many of them. Players can use Bluetooth online friends to operate together, and the game will be full of zombies waiting for you to defeat them, kill them can, get the corresponding gold coin, then go out and buy mighty weapons and equipment to kill more zombies. Simple, pick-up and playback of arcade moves. Exterminate hordes of enemies, make full use of your ammunition, and go for your high score. The game may unlock the content, including dozens of weapons, the skill, the game character and the promotion. It's incredibly fluid, and it's got a very stylish anime style. You can Co-Op multiple people across platforms through dedicated servers so that you can play with anyone! Like most shooting games, money for weapons, weapons to play, and enough money for more powerful weapons to kill zombies. This game is straightforward; he has improved on the previous work. In the previous work, character movement is only left and right arrows, but now the character movement range is more comprehensive; you can move up and down left and right, and the control area is also clearly circular in orientation. Weapons options have also increased, with weapons being upgraded to 3 items at a time during the game. Can Be flexible replacement parts, the game hit zombies at the same time as the layout scene, there will be money, and bullets appear, weapons are not shots can also use the original stick to hit zombies. If there is no stick, it's just a matter of time before a zombie bites you. Though the idea is simple, it is to kill a zombie as a weapon and then kill a zombie as a weapon, but each level is unending and time-limited, live within the allotted time. 

Overall, the game can be thought of as sparrow; Everything you can think of is done perfectly, players can buy different characters, through weapons, upgrades and battles. Well done, I must say!


Zombieville USA 2 is the sequel to Zombieville USA. In fact, Zombieville USA2 is a very popular zombie killing game. The background of the game mainly takes place in the street, where there are some houses and grass. The dark background seems to take place in the evening, so the atmosphere of the game is quite tense and scary with the grim background music. The colors in the game also tend to be oil painting style, for example, when killing zombies, the blood flow is like the red in the painting. In addition, the picture of this game is very fine, painting style is very simple, the music in the game is also very spooky and scary.

How To Play

The gameplay of the game is very simple. In the upper left corner of the game interface, the player's blood bar and weapons are visible, and players can choose their own suitable weapons at any time. The top right corner of the game screen also shows the amount of gold earned by the player, which allows the player to purchase a weapon at a reasonable price in the app store. The lower left corner of the game interface is the direction control button, the lower right corner is the shooting and forward, and other action buttons. So this game is very simple, the character in the game is a giant panda, and he wants to meet the attack of zombies on the road. The giant panda can hold weapons to kill these zombies, in this process, the player can use different equipment to get faster killing. Therefore, this game is very simple and rough, the main task of the player is to kill these zombies. It is better to kill the most number of zombies in the corresponding time, to obtain a higher score for the success of the level.



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