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Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft
Platform :  
Size :   433.9 M
Date :   Feb 16, 2022
Version :   5.2.3
Devoloper :   Playlabs, LLC
Tags : Minecraft Simulation

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Editors' Review

Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

I believe that sandbox games don't just rule the gaming world, they rule the real world. I can say this because I have a clear understanding that these kinds of games have the power to influence every corner of society with their charm. You may think I exaggerate the fact, but it is true. This is actually happening in our lives. I am not lying. I remember once I was in a negotiation in a competitor's office building. The two sides quarreled so bitterly that we could not reach a satisfactory conclusion after an hour of verbal sparred. But when our owners and their bosses called for a break, the atmosphere changed. I found that both our employees and the other employees were playing sandbox games on their phones. I was surprised by this, because I didn't believe that everyone had the same kind of chemistry to play the same kind of game, but it was happening right in front of my eyes. As a result, the acrimonious meeting was peaceful at the start of the second half. The conversation between our two companies was very peaceful and smooth, and I think the sandbox was the most important thing. So I went home and searched without stopping. Among many sandbox game ICONS, I kept searching and finally found Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft. It's a great open world multiplayer online game that lets you craft and creates everything in a mini-world. Of course, it allows you to use a variety of recipes for blocks, weapons, tools, armor, etc. You may have heard a lot about Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft, but I want to tell you that if you choose Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft, you are choosing a channel to release your energy. I don't think you should miss it.

I don't know why this game has such a strong ability to attract players, I read the introduction, according to it, the game has tens of millions of players. Of course I'm going along. I've always been a party person. So I didn't hesitate to join Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft. I thought the game was so fun that after playing it for three hours, I didn't hesitate to recommend it to my brother. I think my brother changed his attitude before and after playing Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft. At first, he thought I was annoying because he had his own games and didn't need anyone to recommend them to him. However, I got him to download Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft with some reward, which was a delicious burger. He started playing it. But he had more experience with sandbox games than I did, and as soon as he got into the game, he knew what he had to do now to survive. He takes action after a second or two of thought. I am really too admire, now the young people for the game's ability to get started so strong? I always thought that people of the previous generation had strong action power, and they worked hard and bore hardships. However, I found that I was wrong after I discovered Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft. The behavior of the previous generation is entirely due to their lack of life experience and being forced by some hardships. They are not born with a lot of knowledge. But today's young people are different. They are so smart! I think I need to learn some tips from my brother about Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft. I found out that the game was also capable of making iron golems, as powerful as Iron Man. It protects me and my property at Planet Craft: Mine Block Craft from being attacked, which is pretty strong.


Free Build Survival Sandbox 3D Multiplayer Online Game to Create Your Mini World, Mine, Survival, Build.

Start your adventure: explore, mine, manufacture, survive and fight!

How To Play

1. No matter what stage, remember to browse the whole map more, maybe you can find the chests, ruins, etc. that were missed before.

2. Keep an eye out for late-generation stuff like zeolite.

3. There are a lot of resources in the later stage, and there is a high probability that they will not be used up with automatic mining machines and meteorites, unless you keep building them (except zeolite).

4. What minerals are carried by meteorites to see the light, with uranium ore, the atmosphere turns yellow, with iridium, it is red, with super alloys, the sky will become very dark, a little purple, and the meteorite’s tail flame is colorful, with osmium and sulfur (the two appear together) is blue, if it is an ordinary mineral (iron cobalt, silicon manganese aluminum), it is an ordinary orange-red. Of course, it can be clearly distinguished from purple, yellow and red storms, depending on whether there are meteorites flying in the sky.

5. Except for the super alloy, each of the other meteorites basically carries 4-7 ores, mostly 5. You can pay attention to them when picking them up.

6. The super alloy meteorite storm takes a long time, but there is a time limit for the super alloy to land, and it disappears faster, so it needs to be collected quickly.


  • By andres
    it is good game
  • By Ellie monroe morgan
    hi my favorite game is amongus

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