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AmongChat Voice Chat for Among Us Friends
Platform :  
Size :   89M
Date :   May 21, 2021
Version :   1.20.0-210517491
Devoloper :   Find Friends
Tags : Voice Chat Friends

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Editors' Review

AmongChat Voice Chat for Among Us Friends ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Let's just say that if you like to play games, you are divided into several types. Some people like to play games, but they like to play single-player games, which is a kind of person who likes to enjoy solitude. They play games as a temporary escape from the weight of their lives. Some people play games as a temporary escape, and they don't want to be bothered by other people. But there are people who play games for the enjoyment of the game, but also for the communication and social interaction of the game, because the game is only fun if you can play with your friends. Unfortunately, there are some games that don't support voice chat at all, making it difficult for players to truly experience the joy of chat. For some games that require team work, people are limited by space and distance, and can't access communication and information in a casual way.

The solution, I think, is to find a chat app that allows people to really communicate easily. So what's optimal? From my personal experience, AmongChat Voice Chat for Us Friends is very good. With this Chat APP, I think you can feel a seamless connection of instant information. You can keep AmongChat Voice Chat for Among Us Friends running in the background while playing other games. As you can imagine, if you were writing a sandbox game that didn't support voice chat, or some big online game that only allowed you to communicate by typing, you'd be miserable. I can relate to this feeling, because typing is actually a very slow way of communicating. It's more exhausting than slow.You're playing a game, and you need to be fully engaged with it, but this thing takes up part of your mind. Therefore, you need AmongChat Voice Chat for Among Us Friends, just like I did. As long as you open a room in this APP, you can invite your Friends in the room to have a Voice Chat. Note the convenience of AmongChat Voice Chat for Among Us Friends, which doesn't require you to switch back and forth all the time, AmongChat Voice Chat for Among Us Friends Powerful background running ability is always your best bodyguard about the game communication.

Of course, AmongChat Voice Chat for Among Us Friends is more than just an ancillary communication APP for your game. You can even use it as your social APP, and I'm not exaggerating. AmongChat Voice Chat for Us Friends if you really don't want to play games all the time, you can also use it as a way to Chat with your Friends. It's totally free, and it offers more features than any other instant messaging APP on the market. I am absolutely convinced of it. In 2022, when it is difficult for Us to travel, a Chat app like AmongChat Voice Chat for Among Us Friends has come at a timely time. I really want to thank the app store for its warmth and concern. I realized that I was the kind of player who likes communication more than games, so in this app, I finally found myself.


AmongChat Voice Chat for Among Us Friends is a very good social chat software, specially created for the game between us, so that we can become friends with the players in the game more conveniently. Through this software, it can be used as a tool to assist voice communication, and we can record in the chat record. Find a player's name, then easily search for it in the app and add it as a friend. With this voice chat app, the gaming experience in Among Us will be greatly improved.

How To Play

With just one click, you can be paired up with new friends among us to play with in the Among chat app. There are plenty of players here to talk and play with anytime, anywhere! Come join the tournament and win every game!


  • By fnaf fella
    yes my good friend chating is very fun especially when chating.
  • By jerryleejr
    i love chating

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