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Platform :  
Size :   1.4 G
Date :   Jan 17, 2022
Version :   2.8.16
Devoloper :   Marmalade Game Studio
Tags : Family Board Mystery

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Editors' Review

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Do you like board games? Do you like to play an exciting board game with your friends in your spare time? If you're interested in this genre, the next game I'm going to show you is called Cluedo: Hasbro's Mystery Game. The game is a board game developed by Marmalade Game Studio.

The background of the game is a building in England. The drawing board is a floor plan of the room location. The player plays a role as a guest of the building. The building's owner, Dr Blake, was found murdered. If you're the North American version, you are. Boddy. The players are all suspects. The first player to find the killer, the murder weapon, and the murder room wins.

The game is set in a storybook setting, inspired by a friend, John Johan. At Bodhi's invitation, you arrive at his estate, but sadly you arrive too late to see John Johan, who has just been murdered. John Johan, a 29-year-old nephew of Sir Blake, was the Master of Tudor manor. John Johan. William Birdwood, 1st Baron Birdwood, lost his parents as a child and was adopted by his uncle Sir Hugh at Tudor manor to study in England. When his uncle died, John Johan returned to the estate and inherited his estate.

But soon after returning to the villa, John Johan found that his late uncle's estate continued to flow anonymously for no apparent reason. Was the family being blackmailed? Or is uncle doing something shady? Or is it something worse? John Johan vowed to find out and discover the truth, so he invited six of his uncle's friends to Tudor manor for the weekend. While the guests were staying at the estate, John Johan was mysteriously murdered. It's up to you to find the killer. Would you be another Sherlock Holmes?

In a game, the game's rules are what you need to know the most. Cluedo: Hasbro's Mystery Game in addition to the elimination method, but also with a lot of psychological warfare and luck elements. The essential skill in the game is psychological warfare. For example, you can mislead your opponent with hints or false messages in your speech and behavior without violating the game's rules. Because assuming the logical reasoning abilities of all players are standard and consistent, without psychological warfare skills, the game is simply a game of pure luck. Moving another piece to your room may create an opportunity for the player who has it, as this is tantamount to helping someone move the work quickly.

Conversely, if a player has an intention to go to a room, the other person can use the above method to pull the player away and stop the player from going to the destination. Suppose no one takes out a card in the hypothetical. In that case, it may mean that the hypothetical person has guessed one card or two cards, or even that the hypothetical person has assumed three cards that he already has to confuse the situation. If a player uses too simple elimination, changing only one type of object at a time, for example, changing the weapon each time, it's easy for the other player to pick up on it and infer what cards the other player has seen. If you have bad luck and roll the dice too low, you can't go into the room to make accusations, and you have to rely on others to pull your pieces back and forth.

Draw one card at random from the pile of suspects, murder weapon and crime scene, cover it with the block card of crime to show that a murder has happened, and assign the remaining 12 cards to the player. The player can filter out the evidence cards based on the clues they already have, and then a player who dealt the cards first asks a question to a player in their right hand, asking, who committed the murder and where? The question must contain two elements, either in the same category or different types. The player who answers the question is given a cue card. If the cue card includes a factor in the question, the player must show the card to the questioner. If he holds two cards in the question simultaneously, he only must choose one card to offer; without either, the answer is "I can't help you." The solution must be honest, and players can get the information they need while asking, answering, or waiting. When a player has deduced the three elements of a case, they can accuse before asking a question.

Cover the table with their three evidence cards as the answer and examine the three cards under the crime card alone. If correct, the game ends, and the player is declared the winner. Otherwise, the failure is declared, and the clue card in the player's hand is made public. The rest of the players continue the game after obtaining the information.

All in all, it's a relatively hard game, but once you've mastered the rules of the game, it's going to be very simple and fun. Game graphics and sound effects are very high quality easy to let players have a good game experience. If you like these kinds of games, download them.


Clue: The Classic Mystery Game is a super classic puzzle board game, now the work officially landed on steam platform, the scene of the game is set in a luxurious mansion, where a murder case occurred, all the suspects are gathered here, players need to collect clues and their own judgment to find the killer, and the process also has to talk with several suspects to find out the problem, the wonderful suspenseful atmosphere of the game will not disappoint you! players need to collect clues and their own judgment to find the killer, and the process also has to talk with several suspects to find out the existence of the problem, the wonderful suspenseful game atmosphere will not disappoint you!

How To Play

To win the game, you must roll the dice to move through the mansion and ask questions to find out who killed Dr. Black, what the cause was, and where the murder scene was. In the room valve, you can ask a question involving the room

For example: "I suspect Mrs. Peacock, the scene is in the study, and the murder weapon is a rope!" If the next player has any of these cards, they must secretly show one to you, and if they can't help, the question goes clockwise to the next player, face to face until someone can show you a card

You can bluff your way through the game by suggesting that you have a card in your hand, narrowing the response you get and confusing the other players.

But be careful, other players can bluff too!

Your own character can be the killer, so don't be afraid to question yourself!

When someone raises a question about your character, you will be moved to the room in question. If you wish, on the next turn, you can stay in that room and ask your own question.

However, you cannot remain in that room on your next turn after you have challenged in that room.



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