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High Heels!
Platform :  
Size :   63M
Date :   January 26, 2021
Version :   0.7.0
Devoloper :   Rollic Games
Tags : Action Run High Heels

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Editors' Review

High Heels!  ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce. By Lethe

High Heels! is a fun casual parkour game developed and produced by Zynga Inc. and officially launched on December 28, 2020, supporting Android and Apple dual platforms.

High Heels! is a unique casual parkour game. The game screen is fresh and simple without losing the fun, and the novel game play idea is to enhance the game to a high level. In the game you will play a woman with a beautiful body and high heels to break through the levels, each level you will get a generous reward, these rewards can be in the store for your character to buy boots, high heels, rings, necklaces and so on a variety of clothes and decorations, you can follow your favorite model to create a unique look that belongs to you!

After the game starts you have to control your character to keep your balance, because after falling you will lose the current game. So if you want to create the perfect character you want, you must let yourself overcome the layers of obstacles and challenge to win. At the beginning of the game is not very difficult, play is still very easy and fun. But the difficulty of the level will continue to rise with the progress of the game, a variety of different obstacles will appear in front of you, you have to be flexible to avoid them until the victory of the game.

This game is a big surprise for people who like both dress-up and parkour games, and never thought that the two styles of play could actually collide so wonderfully! This double fun superimposed on the feeling really surprised me, may be this is also the reason why it exploded on TikTok. If you like parkour games and also like character dressing, then this game is really perfect for you.


High Heels! game is a very magical high heels breakthrough parkour type challenge, wearing high heels girl, you have to control your role, advance, maintain balance, walk with high more shoes, high heels may get higher and higher, avoid traps, various ways to move forward, across obstacles, and different skins, like you can download High Heels! game experience!

How To Play

A variety of exciting game play to appreciate the cute and interesting game scenes, here to enjoy parkour and adventure with the different wonderful beaver really fun.

In the face of a variety of different obstacles, traps must never be careful only good enough grasp of the timing to help you better pass very fun.

When you successfully complete a level, you can get part of the rewards here, the game rewards are perfect for you can buy a variety of different props.

The operation of the game is very easy to get started without any complicated skills to bring the play experience is also very good, the art design is also very impressive yo.


  • By Ivana Ingram
    Cool game
  • By robert
    great game

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