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Scary Stranger 3D
Platform :  
Size :   214M
Date :   Jan 22, 2024
Version :   5.28
Devoloper :   Z & K Games
Tags : Action Horror

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Editors' Review

After playing Scary Stranger 3D, it’s clear why this mobile horror game has been downloaded over 10 million times. It succeeds at delivering a terrifying and suspenseful experience with its creepy atmosphere, disturbing visuals and constant sense of danger.


The haunted house is impressively realized with eerie music, unsettling sounds and flickering lights heightening the tension. Exploring the dark, creepy rooms had me proceeding cautiously while dreading what might jump out next. The 3D graphics create an immersive environment making you feel part of a terrifying horror movie.


The core gameplay loop of finding keys and clues while avoiding the murderous stranger remains intense throughout. Having to frequently hide in closets as he passes by just inches away got my heart racing every time! The stranger’s erratic movement and sudden appearances are very unnerving.


Puzzles fit the horror theme well, like arranging family photos correctly to open hidden doors. Searching for clues to learn the backstory also compels you to keep pressing forward through the palpable danger.


While the controls are easy to grasp, having to manually open/close doors and drawers during frantic pursuits feels clunky at times. The stranger is also overpowered meaning just a few sightings and it’s game over, which feels imbalanced.


Overall though, Scary Stranger 3D delivers a fantastic horror experience with its terrifying stranger stalking you through a creepy house full of puzzles and secrets. Fans of the genre should absolutely give this tense, scary thrill ride a shot. Just prepare for the stranger to haunt your dreams after!


Scary Stranger 3D, developed by Z & K Games, emerges as a gripping mobile game that seamlessly blends suspense, strategy, and humor. Released with much anticipation, this game plunges players into an immersive experience that keeps them on the edge of their seats. With its unique combination of stealth and adventure, Scary Stranger 3D promises an exhilarating journey through a world of mystery and mischief.


The game opens with an intriguing premise: you’ve just moved into a new neighborhood, only to discover that your neighbor is not as friendly as you initially thought. The titular “Scary Stranger” turns out to be a formidable adversary, and your objective is to explore his house, uncover secrets, and outsmart him at every turn. The sinister atmosphere is expertly crafted, setting the stage for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that unfolds within the confines of your neighbor’s eerie abode.

How To Play

Scary Stranger 3D is easy to pick up and play, especially for fans of horror games. When you first launch the game, you can customize your character by choosing their gender, hair color and style. Next, you are placed at the front door of a large, ominous-looking house at night.


You use a virtual joystick in the lower left to walk around, with action buttons on the right to interact with objects. Tapping the eye icon opens your inventory where you can access any items you collect. Swiping up shows your current objective so you know what to do next.


The basic gameplay loop involves exploring the creepy house one room at a time, searching for keys, weapons, notes and other items. You use these items to unlock new areas, activate mechanisms, or defend yourself. All while trying to avoid the sight of a terrifying stranger who is hunting you.


Listen closely to audio cues as the stranger can sneak up very suddenly! If he catches you, it’s game over and you have to start the room again. Quick reflexes are key. If you see him, slam doors shut and use furniture to block paths. Hide in closets and under beds until he passes. Use weapons if cornered but ammo is limited.


Solving puzzles to unlock the exit door is the only way to safely leave. But be ware, the stranger is extremely persistent and will follow you from room to room. Stay alert and resourceful to survive!


With its easy controls and jump scares galore, Scary Stranger 3D delivers interactive horror thrills. Gather your courage and see if you can make it out alive!



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