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Platform :  
Size :   22.00 MB
Date :   October 23, 2020
Version :   2.6.0
Devoloper :, LLC
Tags : Classic Card

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Editors' Review

Rook ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Learning to play a new solitaire game is a new goal for me this time, because I have always known only a few classic solitaire games, and extra solitaire games are a long learning process for me. So, I would rather spend this time learning these games on my own. Of course, it's very lit to go out and socialize and play with friends, but I think at this age we rarely go out and play, and few people will spend a lot more time figuring out a new thing with you. So, I think I'm better off looking for fun in the realm of mobile gaming. In my opinion, poker is not a very appropriate means of socializing. Because few people play poker in social contexts anymore, and even if you do see poker in real life, you mostly see them in casinos or some illegal organizations. Maybe I'm a little biased to say this, but it actually seems to be true in my eyes, and I have a little phobia of poker. In some horrible novels or movies where you see clowns killing people, you can also see some clowns with playing cards in their hands. So, I think I have to avoid playing poker more. A new card game with new rules is what I want, and Rook is the best mobile game I've come across. Many of you may not have heard of a game like Rook, but it really doesn't matter, in fact I don't know exactly how Rook was played in the beginning. All I know is that Rook is a popular trick-taking card game that has a special combination of numbers from 1 to 15 or 5 to 14, and like playing cards, Rook cards come in four suits. The whole game is very simple, you take turns to play the cards in your hand to accumulate points, different cards represent different scores, you can know how the game is going according to the score. Finally, you need to know that your victory condition in Rook is to accumulate 300 points or more, and the first player to achieve this condition will enjoy the victory of this game of Rook and become the real winner. I think it's actually not clear to describe Rook's gameplay in the review, just like it's hard to describe something that has a huge system through a short article, which is hard to do. The easiest way is to output. Compared to other people's knowledge input to you, your output of knowledge is more able to let you know how this thing really works. Many people don't know this, but for me as a high school teacher, I really know it very well. If you invite a student to the stage to do a presentation, then he can definitely gain more knowledge than if he sat in his seat and listened to the lecture. This can also be proved in the game, when playing Rook, you may not know exactly what to do in the first game, but you have to trust the guidance that Rook gives you, which is very important for an ad-free game, you can't bring yourself confused, otherwise how can Rook leave a high viscosity of players? I really appreciate this, besides understanding the rules of this game, the biggest surprise I got from Rook is its cardboard shooting. They are very nice to look at, as the colors are neither too bright nor highly recognizable. So, for some color-blind players, the solitaire offered by Rook is just right for them, which is perhaps Rook's caution.


Rook is one of the most popular trick card games of the moment, it has special numbers from 1 to 15 or 5 to 14, and like poker, and Rook cards come in four suits. The whole game is very simple. You take turns playing the cards in your hand to accumulate points. Different cards represent different points. You can know the progress of the game according to the points. Of course, to win in Rook, you need to accumulate more than 300 points, and the first player to reach this condition will enjoy the victory of Rook and become the real winner.

How To Play

Dealing: Deal passes around table for each hand, to the left. Dealer deals 9 cards to each player, and 5 cards to the widow in the middle of the table.


Bidding: Players bid for the right to name the trump suit. The player to the left of the dealer starts the bidding at 70 (or passes), and bidding proceeds to the left, usually in 5 point increments. A player that passes is out of the bidding for that hand.


Widow, Naming Trump: The high bidder collects the 5 widow cards (which are shown to all players), names a trump suit for the hand, and discards 5 cards from her hand (not shown to the other players). The 5 discards can include point cards which will, depending on your settings, go to either the high bidder or the winner of the last trick.


Tricks: The dealer (or the high bidder, you can change this) leads the first trick. Play proceeds to the left until all 4 players have played one card. Players follow suit unless they are out of that suit (or play the Rook card to win a trick with lots of points). If a player cannot follow suit, any card may be played. If there were no trump cards played on a trick, high card in the lead suit wins the trick. If trump cards were played on the trick, the highest trump card wins the trick. The trick winner pulls in the cards (adds them to his won tricks pile), and leads the next trick. The Rook card is the highest card of the trump suit. The ranking of cards from high to low is Rook-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5.


Hand results: Both teams count the points from their won tricks piles: Rook card is worth 20; 14 and 10 cards are worth 10 each; 5 cards are worth 5. The other cards count nothing. If the bidding team did not score enough points to cover its bid, its score decreases by the bid amount.

Winning: First team to 300 points (or to be 300 points ahead) wins the game.



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