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Apocalypse Inc.
Platform :  
Size :   279.2 M
Date :   Jan 22, 2021
Version :   1.4.3
Devoloper :   Playesta
Tags : Simulation Sims SLG

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Editors' Review

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Apocalypse Inc. is a strategy game with a groundbreaking concept carefully produced by Nikolay Partas. Unlike other rescue-themed strategy games, this one lets you wreak havoc – even destroy the whole world! Currently, the game is available on both iOS AppStore and Google Play.

As an evil corporation, Apocalypse Inc., it’s time for you to decide the fate of the Earth. Your ultimate goal is to destroy all of humanity by combining various sins of the Earth as well as catastrophes! The game offers four main periods of humanity, each with a number of different types of disasters in it. You need to read the description of each catastrophe to understand its destructive power and decide which ultimate catastrophe you will eventually use to destroy human civilization.

2020: This is an era that you are very familiar with. Ecology, space, and war can be the subjects of the disasters you create. Immerse yourself in the various apocalyptic atmospheres of our time. A seemingly random event may become your opportunity to destroy human civilization.

2013: In an age cloaked in mystery, you can create the end of the world with the help of monsters, mystic, and anomalies. Try to learn about the destructive power of different catastrophes, and make the right choice to leave humanity defenseless in your hands.

2113: In this timeline, you can use your imagination as you like. In the future, with the rapid development of science and technology, the progress of human civilization has also laid some hidden dangers. Negative results in technology, globalization, astronomy, food, etc., may create dangers for humanity in the coming centuries.

1666: In the dark and mysterious Middle Ages, mankind is under the dominance of tyranny, magic and the inquisition. You can use diseases, the power of kings, and magic to create panic and lead to the end of the world.

In addition to the above ability to create apocalypses in different scenarios at different times of mankind, new scenarios and abilities are under development.

Make wise choices and be the best destroyer!

Pros and Cons


It’s a fun little strategy game. The game is currently designed to be uncomplicated, allowing players to experience the excitement of a match in a relatively short time.

The game is very cheap. And considering the unique gameplay and the ad-free experience, it’s still worth it if you want to have fun.

Every Extinction Level Event in this game is real, bringing players with realistic excitement.

The game is designed with four main different periods of humanity, each of which allows the player to create as much as they want, giving them the opportunity to delve into more “what-ifs”.

With a deep storyline, the game’s scenes are very realistic and immersive.

The game is designed with a great new concept, which lets players explore different timelines and choose different paths to destroy humans.

The interesting achievement system makes the game more playable.


With only 4 scenes that can be replayed, the current game design is a bit simple, leaving the player with a less in-depth experience.

Game Review

As a game in development, Apocalypse Inc. clearly offers a good experience for players. The best feature of this game lies in its unique concept that allows players to travel and explore though different periods of humanity, creating a man-made apocalypse by learning about different disasters and sins on Earth. This unique concept not only caters to the current need of some people to relieve the pressure of reality, but also contributes to the reflection of mankind itself.


The story background of Apocalypse Inc. is set in the future world. Human beings are about to face world wars, environmental crises and other disasters. Players can collect sins through the globe in the rotating interface, and then promote the development of the catastrophe story through different choices. Escalate the catastrophic damage, increase the monthly death rate, and finally achieve the goal of destroying the world.

How To Play

1. You can use points to upgrade or buy new disaster abilities, spread these disasters around the world for destruction, and you can also upgrade technology to upgrade different abilities and increase the destructive power of disasters. Your goal is to destroy the earth.

2. You can use a variety of different abilities to fight and create various disasters on the earth;

3. From physical destruction to sci-fi-style disasters and various phenomena brought by mysterious magic, you can experience them in the game;

4. You can also summon various monsters and ghosts to destroy human beings and destroy human civilization.



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