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Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD
Platform :  
Size :   41M
Date :   August 17, 2021
Version :   1.10.2
Devoloper :   Ironhide Games
Tags : Tower defense Strategy

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Editors' Review

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To see who is really the boss? In fact, there are many ways to show strength, some people like to use money to show their strength, some people like to show their strength by showing power, and some people like to show their strength by building relationships. This is the way people in society use to show their strength, but in the game, it's all nothing. In some tower defense games, your strength depends on your tower level, so it is easy to prove that you are the boss of the tower defense game, you just need to practice and upgrade your towers. I think there are many advantages of these tower defense games, and each has its own advantages. So to learn to play tower defense games, you have to start with some good tower defense games, otherwise your experience with this game will be negative. It's like people who just learn to smoke have to smoke high quality cigarettes, if they start with low quality cigarettes then they will definitely feel very uncomfortable and will make their throat and mouth feel like they are being pinched by some Hercules. They will definitely keep coughing and quit smoking forever. However, if you play with something good at the beginning, then your love for it will sprout and grow to exaggerated parts at the same time. In my heart, there are several tower defense games that can be called high quality tower defense games, such as Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD, a superb game. You need to be prepared if you want to play Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD. First of all, you need to prepare a free time, because you will find that you will be immersed in Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD and you will spend a lot of time playing Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD. Secondly, you also need to prepare a comfortable space, which can be your couch or your Simmons mattress, because playing Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD will make your perception of the outside world very sluggish, so you need a strong sense of comfort. Finally, you also need a well-configured cell phone, or tablet, because the graphics in this game are amazing. The better your phone is, the more high-end the gaming experience you will get. In Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD, you need to face the empire of powerful enemies, and this masterpiece, which was rated as the best tower defense game of 2021, can show you how to train your army as well as upgrade the defense towers that are best. You can battle the highest bosses in Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD, which is my favorite part of Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD. However, it's hard to fight so many enemies at once with just one person, so you'll have to unlock and switch to new towers and train some legendary heroes. There are 14 powerful heroes in Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD, and you don't have to worry about them rebelling because Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD doesn't offer that complicated system algorithm. All you need to do is give the order, and they will charge without hesitation. Of course, if you want to make the heroes deal more damage, you can get them upgraded. Once you level them up, some of their skills will be upgraded, or they will be able to deal incredible damage even with normal attacks. You can also build an epic 19 defense towers in Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD, each with unique abilities and powers. In my opinion, you can combine the hero's skills with the defensive tower's skills in an organic way so that you can play with great power in Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD and be invincible.


Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD is a cartoon anime style characters gathered many heroes to complete the strategic attack RPG mobile game, in the game you need to control the relationship between the major empires, unite other friends to form an alliance, defeat more powerful enemies, harvest to the final fruits of victory, huge territory to build their fortress, recruit a large number of heroes, with their own combat capabilities, collect items to upgrade the level of the fortress. Collect items to upgrade the level of the fortress.


Game features

1. Gather many heroic characters with a hundred different shapes, form a huge lineup and increase the level of combat.

2. Expand the territory of the territory, build excellent defense fortress, and constantly complete the attribute upgrade, strengthen the defense.

How To Play

1、You need to use a variety of tactical strategies to destroy the enemies and win the admiration of the subjects.

2, different enemies need to use different methods, multiple levels for you to challenge.



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