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Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD
Platform :  
Size :   41M
Date :   August 17, 2021
Version :   1.10.2
Devoloper :   Ironhide Games
Tags : Tower defense Strategy

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Editors' Review

“Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD” Is a high degree of freedom of the tower defense combat class game, the game is very rich in gameplay, you can find the corresponding new style, so you can feel the mystery of the O turret upgrade. Help you redefine the characteristics of the tower defense game, full of emotion, so you can feel the new game challenge, to help you strategy upgrade oh.

The game innovation, in terms of talent to retain most of the features, and updated a lot of new talent, heroes and Tekken mode also do not add talent points.

The variety of defense towers is very, very large! You can pick 5 kinds out of the combination at once! The music is great, switching with different scenes, not to open the sound are not too much.

The plot is a humorous modern style, but the background of the Western metaphysical continent, the player plays the kingdom to defend the war generation boss Weizman to human revenge for the purpose.

From the generation to now we can conclude that we play the role of the type of humans, humans, elves, dwarves in order, perhaps later there are orcs, sea people, dragon race is not necessarily.


Get ready to jump into action and show the Kingdom who’s the real boss in the best tower defense game 2020!

Face empires of mighty enemies. Clash against supreme bosses, unlocking and switching to new towers. Train legendary heroes and get all the achievements using your strategy in this amazing TD game.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance will give you hours and hours of gameplay in the best tower defense game available!

Heroes, your Army, Enemies and legendary td bossfights!

- 13 Powerful HEROES who will, without hesitation, rush into action at your command
- LEVEL UP YOUR HEROES and upgrade their abilities
- 10+ TRINKETS AND ARTEFACTS for that extra action in battle.
- NEW POWERS AND REINFORCEMENTS to vanquish your foes, td style!
- 30 UPGRADES to train your army to their best form.
- 60+ DEADLY ENEMIES that will put all of your wit and strategic skills to the test
- RUSH TO SAVE THE KINGDOM as you bring down 6 mighty bosses in the most legendary boss fights!

Epic Selection of Towers and Upgrades

- 18 NEW TOWERS to defend your kingdom
- Choose your arsenal of towers and execute your strategy.

Create devastating combinations of towers, abilities and special powers to stop your enemies!

Near Endless Tower Defense Gameplay

- 25 CHALLENGING STAGES that will test your skills
- 5 DIFFERENT REALMS to conquer and explore
- EXPLORE new lands in the Kingdom
- 60+ ACHIEVEMENTS, hidden secrets, and fun stuff for you to play and discover while you explore the realm!
- CASUAL, NORMAL, VETERAN OR IMPOSSIBLE difficulty for every level
- Summon enemy waves faster to earn additional gold

Time for some Royal Vengeance in the Kingdom!

Vez’nan, the powerful almighty wizard has returned.

Lead your powerful dark army and make the Kingdom tremble with each step. Help Vez’nan conquer new lands in the kingdom!

Orcs, goblins, demons, dark knights, zombies and many more! Choose your favorites and mix them to find the most deadly tower defense combination - secure the crown of the kingdom for Vez’nan.

Awesome Offline Tower Defense Game

No Wi-Fi at your Dark Tower?

- PLAY ANYWHERE - playing offline works, if your wifi doesn’t
- PLAY OFFLINE - no internet connection required
- You can play Kingdom Rush Vengeance as your offline TD game of choice.

How To Play

1、You need to use a variety of tactical strategies to destroy the enemies and win the admiration of the subjects.

2, different enemies need to use different methods, multiple levels for you to challenge.



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