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Papa's Pizzeria To Go!
Platform :  
Size :   83.9 M
Date :   Jan 24, 2019
Version :   1.1.0
Devoloper :   Flipline Studios
Tags : Simulation Strategy Papa's

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Editors' Review

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I'm a pizza freak. I eat 5 pizzas a day. I think pizza is the most delicious thing in the world. But I don't really have the greatest affection for pizza. Pizza is delicious, sweet cheese with a thick sauce, and then meat and sausage on a crispy crust. It's hard for me to imagine how all of these things come together to make something wonderful. But it is here, in every corner of our daily lives. I love pizza, yes, but I'm not a qualified pizza maker, or I'm a complete novice at cooking. For example, I can't tell the difference between sugar and salt with the naked eye, so I can make some bizarre dishes. But the fact that a culinary idiot like me can tell a story about making pizza is all thanks To Papa's Pizzeria To Go!. This is a great casual mobile game where you can control yourself with your hands and fingers to make some delicious pizza. I said this game suits me. No one says anything?

I want To make it very simple of Papa's Pizzeria To Go!, the game. First of all, you are a pizza restaurant owner, but you don't have a strong chef or staff. The only person you can rely on is yourself, and you have to make pizzas for a lot of customers. Papa's Pizzeria To Go! allows you to do all sorts of things between sections of the pizzeria. You first take care of customers at the ordering station, taking their orders and collecting money. Then you can also place the toppings for the pizza at the toppings station, or you can design the look of the pizza here. They say the key to good food is not just flavor but appearance. You can design a very nice pizza here. And then you come to the baking station, where you cook pizzas in the oven, and the great pizza comes out after a while, and it wins everyone's applause. You end up cutting the pizza at the editing station, cutting your great pizza into the perfect shape. I think this game, Papa's Pizzeria To Go!, is a great one-handed game where you can complete some sophisticated kitchen secrets with simple controls. First of all, you don't have to think about the recipe, because your recipe is in your heart, I mean, your freedom is your recipe, you can cook whatever you want. You can also earn coins and points by completing missions, which are basic necessities for leveling up. You might ask me a question like, what am I doing to get credits for completing tasks? To be happy? To pass the time?To get Papa's Pizzeria To Go! are virtual customers happier? All I can tell you is that these answers could all be right, and they could all be wrong, but Papa's Pizzeria To Go! It's a casual game, and whether it gets your approval or not depends on how you treat it.I earn points and coins by completing quests and use them to upgrade my pizza restaurant. I can find more interesting toppings at the store, which makes my pizza better and tastier. Of course, if I get the chance to know the ingredients, I can attract more customers, which is a sense of satisfaction and a sense of happiness.

I think Papa's Pizzeria To Go! in the content of the game is relatively rich. Pizza making is certainly the whole theme of the game, but there's one thing about it that players don't think about. That's the pizza restaurant decoration in the game. Isn't it exciting enough that you can choose custom projects to make your lobby more beautiful and comfortable?


Papa's Pizzeria To Go is a very popular papa series game at the moment. Players need to make pizza according to the requirements of customers and constantly expand their business. The gameplay is quite simple and very interesting. Come and experience it!

How To Play

1. Make your customers happy to earn more points and level up. As you level up, you'll unlock new toppings in the store and new customers will start visiting the pizzeria.

4. A well-crafted pizza can also earn you tips, which you can spend on pizza shop upgrades and decorations.

3. You need to perform multiple tasks between each area of the pizzeria, go to the order station and observe the customers waiting in the lobby.

2. Switch to the topping station and add various toppings to each pizza. Move to the baking station and cook the pizzas in the oven until they are just right.

3. Go to the cutting station to cut the pizza into perfect slices, each station is a hands-on experience where you need to drag, swipe and tap to complete the pizza making process.


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