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Papa's Wingeria To Go!
Platform :  
Size :   73.9 M
Date :   Mar 8, 2019
Version :   1.0.1
Devoloper :   Flipline Studios
Tags : Simulation Strategy Papa's

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Editors' Review

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Yum yum, fried chicken wings are really delicious! I couldn't help but think of Justin Bieber’s song Yummy and hum it as I ate fried chicken wings. They can make some people crash because they contain so much fat, and if you're trying to lose weight, or if you're trying to keep your body healthy, you're not going to like eating fried chicken wings. You can't stand it, and you hate people who eat fried wings. But, please don't put your own figure look more important than everything in the world, you may object to a food, but you can't impose your judgment to others if you hate this stuff, like a sentence as the saying goes, both carrot and cabbage, there will always be people who will like them in the world. I think I went too far, let's get back to the game reviews sorry guys. I recently discovered this Papa's Wingeria To Go! is indeed a fried chicken wings fan's good friend, the name of this game, seems to be similar to some games? Yes, this game also requires the player to act as an employee working in a fried chicken restaurant, and you need to use your cooking and processing skills to the fullest. Only then will you realize that you are, at least in theory, a chicken wing chef! Congratulations, you've learned a useful lesson in the game that refutes others' claims that the game is useless.

At Papa's Wingeria To Go! you're a chicken wing cook, and you need to do all the work to make a good chicken wing. First, you need to control your phone to complete the basic teaching of the game. Don't worry, basic teaching is not going to a class, it's not really difficult, it only takes a little bit of your time. Is not someone said that sharpening the knife does not mistakenly cut wood workers? That's something you should think about. You'll be told to punch in your fryer and blend the wings with a variety of sauces, which for me is a heavenly treat. Of course, when your fried chicken is cooked, this is only part of the process of completing your dish. You need to arrange the fried food and the dip it needs, which is the sign that your dish is complete. You need to set the plate delicately and present the perfect dishes to your customers. You need to get good scores from your customers, which are their evaluation of your fried chicken restaurant, and you can earn a lot of money to decorate your fried chicken restaurant. However, smart players will use the money they earn in the game to upgrade their equipment so that they can make delicious food with greater efficiency and practice.

Although the name of the game is Papa's Wingeria To Go! But you shouldn't think of it entirely as a fried chicken restaurant game, you'll find plenty of other fried foods in this game. Right, I mean, you can develop a lot more variety than fried chicken. You can try new delicious foods at the festival because Papa's Wingeria To Go! The holiday season usually kicks off with themed activities, when fried chicken wings and other foods are given a festive feel. You can learn a special recipe and use it to create the best examples, which is the key to really getting special rewards, and I think these events should not be missed. Papa's Wingeria To Go! It's a game that you feel addicted to, and I mean it, because it's really going in the right direction. If you don't believe me, Go To Papa's Wingeria To Go! Even if you don't like making delicious fried chicken wings, you'll be fascinated by decorating your restaurant.


Papa's Wingeria To Go is a cartoon-style simulation game, which is developed by Flipline Studios.

Here, you can upgrade to unlock more fried chicken wing machines, and you can also perform the basic operation of the restaurant. You need to help your dad to better simulate the chicken wing shop and receive more customers.

How To Play

1. Players will meet the food needs of customers within the specified time to make corresponding food.

2. Get special recipes from your customers, and use this opportunity to invent more delicious grilled chicken wings in the game;

3. There are dozens of different character images are available for you to unlock in the game and dress up your unique game characters.

4. Get special recipes from customers and offer them as a daily Wingeria specialty. Each special has a reward that you can earn by providing the best example of that recipe.



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