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Duck Life
Platform :  
Size :   41.94 mb
Date :   October 19, 2020
Version :   4.1
Devoloper :
Tags : Casual Offline Single player Stylized Cartoon

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Editors' Review

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I know a lot of people are very interested in their old farm, in fact it's very common. Of course I personally love the atmosphere of the farm, you watch those crops grow with abandon and then they can grow very tall without realizing it, which means a great harvest. I don't know why anyone would look down on farmers, because agriculture is actually the most basic component of a civilization. So, we have to love the farm. So, according to a nationwide survey, what is the most popular animal on a farm? I think the data most likely all point to ducks. A cute creature like a duck is always a good friend to children, and what no one thinks about is that ducks can actually be as well-trained as dogs. Many people train ducks to do some very artificial movements, or some more customized movements. This can be shown in some TV shows, for example, in the famous drama Friends, Joey has a chicken and a duck, so much so that in later episodes, they obey the owner's orders to do some trained movements. Therefore, I think this Duck Life in the app store is reasonable, because it is also a training game for ducks. Your duck is not an ordinary duck in Duck Life, it can do many things you can't imagine. Do you think you have the ability to train your duck to become a very good racer duck? If you truly have such a confidence, I believe Duck Life is absolutely impossible to let you down. In this game, you can see that many players are making their ducks learn many moves that only humans or higher creatures can do, that is, we can make the ducks keep learning good skills. But if you don't know enough about Duck Life, maybe you don't understand enough about this game. On this planet, Duck Life has been played more than 150 million times, do you know what kind of concept that is? Listen, the population of Japan is only 100 million people, which means that the number of Duck Life players worldwide is probably close to the total population of a country, which is a very big deal. So, with this number in mind, you'll want to play Duck Life, which includes 15 different categories of mini-games that you can learn how to play individually. In Duck Life, you don't need to appreciate the ultimate graphics of any 3A masterpiece, but you will be able to laugh as well, because Duck Life is very much something you can love. In these 15 mini-games, your ducks will be well-trained, they will learn to run, fly, climb and jump, etc. What is it all for? Actually, it's all about you and your ducks beating the champion ducks in the final race. For these eternal glories, why don't you and your duck put up a fight? When I first played Duck Life, I was absolutely speechless about it, how could a game like this be fun? However, it turns out that what I said wasn't always true. In the later stages of Duck Life, your duck simply seems to fire on all cylinders and it really gets great. You'll be so impressed with its performance that you won't believe it's your duck, which has gone from being a dumb little guy to an all-rounder. This may be the game wants to tell us the truth: every stray dog has its spring. I think it is a never changed real truth and we should obey it.


Duck Life is a new online role-playing game, in which players need to operate the duck in the farm wandering, and constantly collect food and combat items, training the duck to master the skills to deal with serious challenges, the game's style of painting is very cute, If you like it, you can download and experience it.

How To Play

Duck Life is an interesting raising game, we have to a newborn duckling, exercise into the elite of ducks, through some interesting mini-games, let the duckling fully exercise, become a healthy and strong duckling.


  • By Kalin
    hi im kalin and i love this game

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