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LEGO® Super Mario™
Platform :  
Size :   47M
Date :   December 10, 2020
Version :   1.3.9
Devoloper :   LEGO System A/S
Tags : Creativity Entertainment Super Mario LEGO

Get The Game

This game's download link redirects to App Store and Google Play, while the purchase link redirects to Amazon. Neither of the links contain malware nor viruses, please feel free to try it out!

Editors' Review

LEGO® Super Mario™ ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Did anyone pester their parents to buy a Nintendo console when they were little? When I was a young boy of 8 years old, my biggest dream was to be able to spend every day with a Nintendo console, because this console is really great. Anyone who had ever used a Nintendo console would rave about it, and this little box actually carried thousands of video games, so I really wanted to get married to a Nintendo console. However, I am now a 25 year old adult and these childish, boring thoughts I really never want to bring up again, it's giving away my Pampers diapers and it's so humiliating. However, my love for video games is not going to change, and my love for one of the big IPs in Nintendo consoles is not going to change either. Super Mario is my brother, and I can adventure with Super Mario no matter how old of a man I am, so all games about Super Mario I will try. lego® Super Mario™ is one of the games on my long list of things to try, and this game is great because it is a double appearance of many people's childhood idols. Some people love Super Mario, like me, so they go for LEGO® Super Mario™, and some people are so obsessed with LEGO blocks that they've reached the point of no return, so they choose to play LEGO® Super Mario™ as well. This is not an oxymoron, because as you can clearly see LEGO® Super Mario™ has a high score of 4.5 stars, and I decided to give a good introduction to this awesome building game.

When you hear about building games, many people start shaking their heads because a common problem with many building games today is that they focus too much on creativity and the effects of matching items, but forget about the player's eyes. The player's eye is also very important, we need to appreciate the image effect full of details. For hardcore builders, graphics are not important at all, because they focus on the mechanics and logic of the game. But not everyone is a hardcore gamer, we play games to experience another life in a mobile game, so we need to see what we are doing from a 5-inch mobile screen, otherwise we really feel dizzy and dizzy in a situation full of pixels. Therefore, LEGO® Super Mario™ takes the players' demands into consideration. I feel very comfortable with my eyes while playing LEGO® Super Mario™, and the high resolution and high smoothness are reflected in LEGO® Super Mario™. Like many building games, LEGO® Super Mario™ encourages players to use their imagination to create amazing buildings, so I feel that hands-on skills, which are one of my talents, are certainly essential. You can complete a lot of levels in LEGO® Super Mario™, and this is certainly something that should be achieved. lego® Super Mario™ allows us to beat bosses and complete obstacles, it is visible and your coins will slowly improve as you perform. However, as a mobile game, I'm very happy with having my favorite Super Mario as a LEGO partner. The stuff I've been building lately with LEGO® Super Mario™ is great, and many people would worry that if they also produced satisfactory results but no one to appreciate them, wouldn't that be an exercise in futility? Actually, you don't need to be pessimistic about this fact, LEGO® Super Mario™ allows you to pin your favorite or shared creations and you can easily find them wherever and whenever you want, remember, you are allowed to share important content in LEGO® Super Mario™.


LEGO® Super Mario™ is a great building game developed by LEGO System A/S. If you’re a big fan of LEGO bricks and Mario, then LEGO® Super Mario™ is sure to keep you entertained. And like many building games, LEGO® Super Mario™ encourages players to use their imaginations to create amazing buildings, which are very hands-on friendly. There are many levels you can complete in LEGO® Super Mario™, and your coins will slowly increase as you perform. Are you ready to use your imagination to create amazing buildings? LEGO® Super Mario™ will not let you down!

How To Play

Compared to the LEGO Bugatti Veyron sports car, which has more than 3,000 parts, the Mario series is more suitable for younger children to start.

Those who have never touched any LEGO products before, but are interested in Mario, can also give it a try.

Another point of the lower threshold is also reflected in its assembly instructions. Similar to the Nintendo Labo carton we experienced before, LEGO does not have paper instructions for the Mario set, but rather digitizes all the steps. The benefits of digital instructions are obvious. On the one hand, it can effectively reduce the misoperation when assembling, to avoid the embarrassing situation of the wrong pieces of missing pieces, on the other hand, is to reduce the threshold of assembling, after all, the full 3D guide is certainly more intuitive than spelling according to the drawings.

But compared to the full dynamic presentation of Nintendo Labo, LEGO's digital instruction manual is still essentially a static illustration, presenting a slightly single.

Sometimes, you encounter some tricky angles or will be unsure of the direction of stacking and slide the screen back and forth, rotating the model to see.

But the whole process of assembling is still relatively comfortable after the completion of the "play" part can meet.



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