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Epic Seven
Platform :  
Size :   114.3 MB
Date :   Nov 14, 2023
Version :   1.0.710
Devoloper :   Smilegate Holdings, Inc
Tags : Casual Role Playing

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Editors' Review

Epic Seven executes the mobile RPG formula nearly flawlessly. With its anime-inspired presentation, in-depth hero collection and customization systems, and challenging turn-based battles, Epic Seven clearly stands out in the oversaturated mobile market.


The production values are truly impressive for a mobile title. Epic Seven uses 2D sprite art and effects one would expect from a console or PC RPG. Battle animations are flashy and impactful while exploring the menus and maps reveals gorgeous backdrops. The fully voiced story and character dialogue also superbly brings Epic Seven’s fantasy world to life.


Collecting and upgrading the wide cast of Heroes serves as the main progression system. With over 200 unique Heroes, assembling ideal teams tailored to Battle content takes consideration. Each Hero has multifaceted skillsets and roles, providing plenty of team variety. The gear system also allows fine-tuning stats and abilities. Players who enjoy the character development and team building aspect will find endless depth.


Epic Seven’s challenging and strategic turn-based combat never grows old. Whether battling through story chapters or tackling specialized Battle stages, the combat demands skillful use of Hero skills and gear setups. Epic Seven also regularly adds new Heroes, stages, and gameplay modes, providing fresh challenges for veterans. The difficulty ramps up significantly in the late and post-game too, putting players’ skills to the test.


Despite some heavy grinding and alt-tab play needed to progress, Epic Seven overflows with content thanks to regular developer updates. From following an expansive story to collecting waifus and husbandos to min-maxing gear and team builds, Epic Seven sinks its hooks deep into any RPG fan. For those wanting a fully-featured anime mobile RPG, Epic Seven is easily one of the top contenders on the platform.


Epic Seven is a popular anime-style RPG developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Holdings for iOS and Android devices. Released in 2018, Epic Seven takes place in the fantasy world of Orbis, where players take on the role of Heir, a prophesied savior summoned to free the world from Archdemon Mercedes.


With colorful 2D graphics and anime-inspired character designs, Epic Seven stands out visually from other mobile RPGs. The game features both stunning cutscenes and smooth battle animations thanks to its use of the Unity game engine. Epic Seven also has a fully voiced story campaign and side stories, with top-quality voice acting in English and Korean.


One of Epic Seven’s most defining features is its strategic turn-based combat. Players assemble teams of heroes, called Heroes, to battle against AI enemies. Each Hero has unique skills and can equip gear to increase their powers. Winning battles earns players experience to level up heroes, currency to summon new heroes, and gear to outfit their teams.

How To Play

Getting started in Epic Seven is simple. After a short tutorial, players are taken to the Sanctuary, which serves as a central hub. From here, there are Story and Side Story campaigns to play through, a Summon system to obtain new Heroes, and Battle stages to take on.


The main Story and Side Stories are where players will spend most of their initial time. These present various battles interspersed with lengthy visual novel-style cutscenes. Paying attention to the stories is recommended to understand the world and characters. Most stages also have certain element-based Heroes recommended, so building a diverse roster early on is advised.


The Summon system allows obtaining new Heroes to use in battles, either through the currency Skystones or Bookmarks. Summons have random rates for specific Heroes, with powerful 5★ Heroes having low draw chances. Saving Skystones for Limited Hero rate-up events is the best approach.


Once players have a full team of Heroes, they can challenge the Battle stages. These consist of six levels - Unrecorded History, Abyss, Labyrinth, Altar of Ascension, Hall of Trials, and Automaton Tower - each with certain gameplay gimmicks. By completing Battles, players earn gear, currency, experience, and other rewards to further improve their Hero teams.



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