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LEGO® Star Wars™: TFA
Platform :  
Size :   8.7M
Date :   April 1, 2020
Version :
Devoloper :   Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Tags : Action Adventure STAR WARS LEGO

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Editors' Review

LEGO® Star Wars™ - TFA ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

What does a role-playing game look like that is very close to a player's dream? Among the many games on the PC side, it seems that the answer to this question has been proven many times, and there are many computer games that are at the pinnacle of this field of RPG, and they have built great backstories through their enthralling story lines and worldviews, so their makers have gained a large number of loyal fans as a result. In mobile games, there seems to be a large blue ocean, and many game makers are fighting to capture a large market share for their work, but it seems their efforts are futile, and not many players choose to spend time and money on mobile RPGs. I, on the other hand, am happy to find good mobile RPGs to make my gaming experience more comparable, and LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA is a good mobile RPG based on the story of Star Wars, a classic science fiction movie. Even if I don't need to introduce it, I'm sure you know what kind of story it is, but what's different about LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA is that the characters in the game are all cute LEGO dolls, and to use a phrase, it's "the combination of the two produces the perfect third party."

The story of this game is similar to the first Star Wars movie, but you will feel a different idea when playing LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA than when watching the movie, the game's graphics are composed of a variety of LEGO toys, and the style of the re-told story is certainly different from the movie graphics. And you don't have to be confident that you can recite the plot of LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA by heart just because you've seen it countless times, this game is certainly not a carbon copy of the movie's plot and exciting plot, the meticulous game makers have added levels to LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA that players have never seen or heard of before, so you'll get a different story! story if you download LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA.

The story is just one way that LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA engages players; this game is not just a simple recreation of the movie. First and foremost is the gameplay mechanics that LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA offers. You can choose the character you want to be in this role-playing game, and you have the freedom to explore or fight in the world that LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA has built. You can solve various puzzles with friends in these exciting places, and you can use your weapons to kill bosses when you encounter them. Multi-building, blaster combat and flight control are new features of LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA, and if you've played other role-playing games, you'll see a huge improvement in this genre in LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA. You can also use your surroundings to cover yourself during battle or to help you gain a greater advantage in battle. This is a tip I have learned from my many battles in LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA, and it really works. Many people don't know how to do confrontation with the First Order, and their only strategy is to force themselves to be brave, but that's actually not true. You can hit the boss and then quickly hide behind the grass or rocks, this is not shameful behavior. Some strategy-filled play is needed to achieve victory. What I like about LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA is the thrill of flight. To be honest, the combat is not the best part of LEGO® Star Wars™ TFA, you need to know that you can experience flying Star Wars vehicles in this game, which I think is pretty good anyway, much like the movie. A big selling point!


LEGO® Star Wars™ - TFA is a fun fighting game with many interesting ways to make you happier. The role switching is very convenient, players can experience happiness at any time, and they can improve their power through continuous growth. The more play modes you unlock, the faster you develop, so you can easily beat your opponents for the final victory. A difficult adventure is about to begin, and as a ninja player must work hard to complete the test, these are the most basic content. Are you ready?

How To Play

In the operation, the game is also optimized for mobile platforms, but also according to the preferences of the player is divided into virtual buttons and casual two kinds of control mode. Casual mode is based on where the player clicked to automatically optimize the action, where you want to point where, as for the virtual buttons do not need to say it, most games are using this control mode.

Also added two new elements to bring you a different experience from the previous Lego games. The first is the new shooting system, so that the cute character can be in a gun battle against the wall cover shooting, no longer in a panic in a random press. In addition is the multiple construction system, even the same group of Lego blocks can also be combined with different powerful devices, players have to consider the items needed to use the combination in order to solve the problem.

In the plot, the game uses the form of levels to develop the story content. This work and the plot of the movie is slightly different, in the game can not see any deep hatred, nor any heavy mission to save the universe, some of the original heavy life and death are expressed in LEGO's own way, more relaxed and even hilarious, as if life and death is just a child's joyful block game.



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