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Pocket Sniper!
Platform :  
Size :   73M
Date :   February 24, 2021
Version :
Devoloper :   JPGroup
Tags : Casual

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Editors' Review

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I don't know what I thought at the time, but I was actually discharged after three years in the U.S. Army. I was a young slacker at the time, and I enlisted in the Army so I could get a tuition waiver and a scholarship for college. But, in fact, I discovered that I was not a good candidate for the military. No matter how much my superiors scolded me or how much they yelled at me, I did what I was told and never wanted to follow directions. However, after I joined the army for a year, my character changed a lot. I had grown to love the military and I didn't want to leave there so soon. However, when my service was over, I went back to college to finish my education. However, my three years in the military have become a lingering memory. The reason I really want to stay in the military is that I would love to be a sniper, and yes, you heard right, it is a great honor for a brave soldier to be a powerful sniper. You would think that snipers would be under tremendous pressure to perform all kinds of horrible special missions, and many people can't take that pressure. You're right, but none of that will happen to me, and I love being a sniper. So I'll play some sniper-related mobile games. When I came across Pocket Sniper! I knew it was the game of my dreams. It was an amazing feeling, and it seemed as if my memories of practicing shooting in the barracks were gradually strengthening. While I was playing Pocket Sniper!, I couldn't help but notice that I had a deep muscle memory for some of the tactical moves taught in the military, so maybe I'll never be a soldier again, but I can pick up some fond memories by playing Pocket Sniper! Of course, you can also play Pocket Sniper!, which is one of the best shooter games out there, and the gameplay is relatively simple. I don't think you even need to be a veteran like me to play a 100-shot marksman in Pocket Sniper! You'll see that each level will require you to achieve different tactical objectives. This is the responsibility that comes with being a sniper, and sometimes if your superiors ask you to stay in an uncomfortable place for a few days and wait and ambush the enemy without moving, you'll have to do it. Otherwise, your tactical objectives are likely to be lost. In Pocket Sniper! too, you will find your character shaking under the scope due to breathing or other reasons, which is actually normal. You just need to drag your sniper scope to aim and release your finger to shoot. It's not a problem when you're actually killing stationary targets, you'll find that the really difficult targets to kill are the ones that are moving. Some of their movement is fixed and some is not. You can see that some targets are predictable in their direction of movement, so you just need to calculate the amount of bullet flight advance to complete the mission in Pocket Sniper! For the targets that move around randomly first, you need to patiently observe the pattern between their movements, otherwise you will have a hard time killing them in one shot. You only get one chance to do this, you know. That doesn't mean you only have one bullet, you have a lot of bullets, but when your first shot can't kill the enemy, you'll find you've set off turmoil. Your sniper environment will become very chaotic and your target is fleeing from your line of sight at breakneck speed. So, take advantage of the time you have to pull the trigger in Pocket Sniper!


"Pocket Sniper!" is an action shooting game launched by the foreign game company JP Group limited. Players will play a precise sniper in the game, expand their scopes in different levels, and use various types of traps to kill the enemy. The game provides a variety of scenes, weapons and characters, giving players a pleasant shooting experience in a relaxed and cheerful rhythm. "Pocket Sniper!" continues the features of recently launched sniper games.

How To Play

The gameplay of "Pocket Sniper!" is very different from the several games mentioned above. Players only need to tap the screen to enlarge the screen and aim at the character. The target of shooting has also gradually changed from the original character to props such as gasoline barrels and wooden racks, allowing players to kill the enemies in the level through various clever ideas. Turn a shooting game into a puzzle game experience, and the smooth, comfortable and simple game experience also brings players a high level of entertainment enjoyment.



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