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Disney Frozen Free Fall Games
Platform :  
Size :   565.6 MB
Date :   Jul 17, 2023
Version :   12.6.0
Devoloper :   Jam City, Inc.
Tags : Puzzle Casual Match 3

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Editors' Review

The game's puzzle mechanics are easy to grasp, yet challenging enough to keep players engaged. Matching three or more gems to create cascading combinations is not only satisfying but also requires strategic thinking and planning. The inclusion of different game modes and regularly updated levels and events ensures that players never run out of new challenges to tackle.


Visually, Disney Frozen Free Fall is stunning. The game features beautiful animations and graphics that perfectly capture the magic of the Frozen franchise. Players are transported to the frosty kingdom of Arendelle, and the attention to detail in the design of characters and environments is impressive.


One of the game's highlights is its connection with the Frozen movies. The inclusion of iconic music and beloved characters like Elsa, Anna, and Olaf adds an extra layer of excitement and nostalgia for fans. It's a joy to see these characters come to life in the game and engage with them as players progress through the levels.


In terms of replay value, Disney Frozen Free Fall offers a lot. The ability to earn and use power-ups and boosters adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to tackle challenges in different ways. Additionally, the game's social features and leaderboards provide opportunities for friendly competition and interaction with other players.


Disney Frozen Free Fall is a captivating puzzle game that revolves around the enchanting world of Disney's Frozen franchise. Designed for players of all ages, the game offers an immersive and magical experience filled with icy adventures and challenging puzzles.


In Disney Frozen Free Fall, players embark on a journey through the frosty kingdom of Arendelle alongside beloved characters such as Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and more. The game features stunning graphics and animations, bringing the world of Frozen to life on mobile devices and computers.


The objective of the game is to match three or more identical, colored gems together to create cascading combinations and complete objectives within each level. As players progress through the game, they will encounter various obstacles and unique challenges, each requiring strategic thinking and puzzle-solving skills.


One of the game's highlights is the inclusion of power-ups and boosters, which players can utilize to enhance their gameplay. These power-ups range from Elsa's icy magic that can clear entire rows or columns of gems to Olaf's cheerful presence that can remove specific gems from the board. Such power-ups add an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the gameplay, making it even more engaging and rewarding.


Disney Frozen Free Fall features different game modes, including the classic "Match 3" mode and other exciting variations that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. Additionally, the game regularly introduces new levels, challenges, and events, ensuring long-lasting entertainment for its players.

How To Play

The objective of the game is to match three or more icy crystals of the same color by swapping adjacent crystals. As players progress through the levels, they will encounter various challenges and puzzles that need to be overcome. With each successful combination, the crystals vanish, allowing new ones to fall into place. The game features beloved characters like Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and many more, who provide assistance and special power-ups to aid players.


Strategic thinking plays a vital role as players try to complete specific objectives within a limited number of moves. These objectives might include collecting snowflakes, freeing trapped characters, or breaking ice blocks. By utilizing power-ups strategically and creating cascading combos, players can earn higher scores and complete levels with ease.


As players advance, they unlock more challenging levels and exciting game modes, such as the Endless Blizzard and Puzzles of the Mist. Competing against friends and family adds an extra layer of fun and competitiveness, as scores can be shared and compared on social media platforms.


It's worth mentioning that Frozen Free Fall offers visually stunning graphics and captivating soundtracks inspired by the film. The game is available on mobile devices and can be downloaded for free from app stores, with optional in-app purchases for extra boosts and lives.



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