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Ultimate Custom Night
Platform :  
Size :   180.5 M
Date :   May 17, 2020
Version :   1.0.2
Devoloper :   Clickteam USA LLC
Tags : Action Horror Freddy

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Editors' Review

Ultimate Custom Night ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

Personally, I love this game and think it's worth the $3. Are the sound effect of the horror game theme and beautiful pictures enough to impress you? The next game I'll show you is Ultimate Custom Night, developed by Clickteam, LLC.

It has everything the original PC version had, including what you can buy. Both the iPad and iPhone are available. Obviously, there are many controls in this game, and I think it's great that most of them are through the buttons in the upper right corner.

Players defend their toys by manipulating the security guards, and the security guard owns the area's closed-circuit television and a full range of remote-control terminals with office functions. They survived until 6 a.m. by closing doors or using the Freddy headcover as a defense doll. With up to 50 active characters on the scene, the ultimate custom night experiences the ultimate version of survival at midnight, a more challenging game in which players will be wary of threats from the dolls.

The game has a super creepy midnight doll screen that supports more personalized enemy settings. Still, it is also free to define the doll location, and interested players can download the experience! With multiple difficulty levels, as many as 50 dolls can be selected to survive for seven days and five nights. The higher the difficulty level, the higher the score. Scary background music and dark fairy-tale-style dolls create an agitated atmosphere for the players, with the dolls against them, remember, do not get caught!

Players will be able to choose their enemies among 70 characters. The revolutionary design of the game will provide you with more exciting challenges. Personally design the enemy's haunt, and by the high intelligence, AI to simulate enemy dynamics. Fifty different scares, 20 different levels of difficulty, and hidden dolls. This game is perfect. Be careful not to let yourself be attacked by a teddy bear. Surviving five nights will get you out of here. This game includes 70 kinds of toy balls; all toy bears can have the most intimate interaction with you. Make sure you have the craziest escape in the game and use the security cameras to see where the bear is, just like before.

Unfamiliar with a scene at the start, you may be startled to end the game in seconds by a toy, but don't get discouraged and call it in. This will keep you from experiencing what follows. All you have to do is take care of the strobes on both sides of the house, and you'll be safe for a while. The game is the same as surviving five nights; you will see a time display in the upper right corner. That is the game in the law of the time, and then the lower right corner of the position will appear as a danger signal, so at this point, you can close the gate. Collecting spare parts and f coins from other scenes can get you to buy Wiping in the trophy shop, and some vents are booby-trapped, so they need to be handled with care. 

In Freddy's game, you can choose from nearly 50 teddy bears for seven days and nights, and there's no limit to how many of these characters you can fit together. You can even include your favorite characters and characters. The game's difficulty is adjustable; from the most straightforward 0 to 20, you can experience it, but only if you cannot withstand the screech and horror of jumping in front of the screen. Although not necessarily to scare bold friends, in the case of unguarded, or you will be surprised.

All in all, it's a great game to download. Playing with friends is the right thing to do; however, you can try countless things that might happen in the game. The game has a very high degree of freedom, and suits have the player's particular game experience, Go ahead and download!


Ultimate Custom Night is a terrifying adventure puzzle game. In the game, you will come to a terrifying toy store. At midnight, many doll props will be resurrected into terrifying monsters. You have to look for props in various scenes. To stop these things from happening or to be able to escape from here, the setting of the game is in the dark midnight, and the horror atmosphere is in place. There are new and rich plots in the game, allowing players to play enough at one time. 

How To Play

1. 50 mechanical dolls for you to choose, you can freely choose the type and quantity of dolls.

2. Flexible free choice, the more the dolls have their shortcomings, the corresponding breakthroughs.

3. The still classic music, with the dim environment, will give you a unique surprise!

4. What you can do is survive! Find the dolls and defeat them!


  • By ian conner
    its very cool
  • By isaac
    i love this games
  • By PopGoesTheWeaselPuppetRun
    omg i suvived 1st time i played and got 10,000 point
  • By Anna
    i love this game so much that i can play it a 10000 times i think you should play it
  • By logan
    i like freddy i have fnaf 2
  • By sam
    fun to play
  • By yuri fan
  • By Emily Brown
    Love this horror game!

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