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My Child Lebensborn
Platform :  
Size :   76M
Date :   June 10, 2021
Version :   1.5.107
Devoloper :   Sarepta Studio
Tags : Kids Simulation Child

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Editors' Review

My Child Lebensborn ©Copyright by FunGameShare, Do not Reproduce.

If you play pet raising games many times, you will find that raising pets in mobile games is really cool. But actually raising a pet is not a very easy thing to do, the hard work of which many people will not know. If raising a pet is troublesome, then you should also know that raising a child is even more difficult. Especially when that child has received a lot of childhood damage in some degree, you will know how much stress is really carried by raising a child. After the end of World War II, many people were celebrating the final victory of the Allies and the fact that world peace had finally arrived. However, there were some people who were born during the World War II that came with the terrible war, and some of them got a lot of mental illnesses as a result. My Child Lebensborn is one such game, in which you adopt a child in Norway, but he grows up in a time full of post-war scars. He grew up in a hostile and hateful environment, so you have to take on even greater difficulties to raise him. I think what playing My Child Lebensborn made me feel was another sense of playing a game that many people play for fleeting pleasure or to display to numb their nerves. But they don't think deeply about their actions. What exactly are we playing games for? If it's just to get pleasure, there are many things in the world that can bring us pleasure and happiness, and we don't need to throw ourselves completely into the game. I think My Child Lebensborn gave me a special answer, we are using games to learn something that we have not touched, we are experiencing other people's lives in games. I think that this is a very good statement, and it is indeed one of the important purposes of the game for me, or it is a lesson that I know more about my purpose in life after playing My Child Lebensborn.

This game is about helping Klaus or Karin deal with the heavy legacy of occupying Germany, and you can make them understand their mission in a country that is celebrating its freedom. Your mission is to raise children, but this game is different in that you must know that you are in the period just after World War II. At this time, you have nothing or a meager income, and you must work in the game to earn money. However, please do not ignore the feelings of your children, they are some poor orphans, you must give them care. You all choose to be very able to influence the feelings, character and the world view of the child. I just re-deleted the game because at first I didn't think deeply about the choices when I played My Child Lebensborn. So I accidentally magnified the child's hatred for the Allies. You know, it is the abominable fascist regime that brought the people of the world so much suffering, but our righteous allies were forced to fight back against the war. However, I let my children carry out hatred for the Allies. So, this is a very difficult game, you have to raise these poor children on top of their psychological problems. You can tell from their expressions and body language whether you've got them going in the direction you want them to go. My Child Lebensborn is a soul-boosting game where you can be smart and balance your time in the game with your meager income. This game is designed based on the real, so you should play it with the same purpose of pursuing the real.


My Child Lebensborn is a casual simulation game by Sarepta Studio based on the Fountain of Life Project during World War II. It is a heartbreaking and heavy story, and the game is adapted from real experiences. After winning World War II, the player adopts a child of the "Fountain of Life" program from Norway, and in the process of raising the child, will encounter the child's past, school bullying, all kinds of hatred, and other exciting drama.

How To Play

Realistic simulation, colorful plot story, feel different storyline with the development of the plot and understand the heart of the child.

Super post-war orphans are waiting for you to adopt, you can choose boys or girls according to your preference, make various matches and exchanges, and help children to grow up hard and healthy.



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