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Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle
Platform :  
Size :   59.5M
Date :   Dec 22, 2022
Version :   0.8
Tags : Puzzle Casual

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Editors' Review

Today, we suggest the puzzle game Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle, which is based on the history of using the restroom as told by ROCKET SUCCEED TOGETHER and contains the concept of "alphabet lore". Players in the game construct a line from the character to the bathroom so that boys and girls who are rushing to use the restroom can avoid obstacles and get there as quickly as possible. You will run into various letters as obstacles in the game, which contains elements of "Lettertale."


The boys and girls characters in "Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle" are very simple, while the characters in "Lettertale" are rendered in a very realistic manner. In addition to "Lettertale," a number of other horror elements from the game's monster shape are also included as obstacles. Each level's layout is focused on a revitalizing sensation of decompression, allowing you to have more fun in the levels with lots of information.


"Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle" incorporates micro-innovations and a blend of popular aspects from the past and present. "Park Master", which has more than ten million downloads, and "Lettertale," which appears as an obstacle element, are both very popular and highly popular representatives, while the scenario of boys and girls using the restroom provides the most fundamental linking gameplay. It is an additional strategy for accelerating the game's rapid pace.


The core gameplay of Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle, on the other hand, is based on popular and popular elements alone, which will inevitably have an impact on the game's life cycle and the gameplay experience in the middle and later stages. It also lacks the necessary appeal for those who have already tried the corresponding gameplay. After all, if you download a game that has been completely played for the past two or three years, maybe just one or two levels are all you need to give up.


If you are a puzzle game player, if you are fond of connecting game, if you love the role of "Lettertale" , then please do not miss "Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle".


The highly anticipated 2019 video game Park Master served as the inspiration for Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle, which swaps out the red and blue cars for boys and girls and transforms the assigned parking space into a much-needed restroom.


Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle, which has had over 1 million cumulative downloads, content that has been rated as acceptable for all ages, close to 1,000 reviews, and a rating of 3.7, is currently at the top of the Google Play free game hit list.

How To Play

In the puzzle game "Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle," you must get the boy and girl to the restroom simultaneously without bumping against one another. The main objective of the level will be to figure out how to draw the quickest route. The game offers hundreds of increasingly challenging stages, and as you go through them, new, exciting enemies are introduced, with the "Legend of the Alphabet" figure being the most striking.



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