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Creative Destruction
Platform :  
Size :   75M
Date :   November 19, 2020
Version :   2.0.4641
Devoloper :   NetEase Games
Tags : Action Shooting

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Editors' Review

Creative Destruction is a role-playing mobile game called the main shooting element by the third person. There are many different competitive modes in the game. Many online players engage in fierce battles with hundreds of players. Who can survive to the end will test you very much. Operation technology. Players can enjoy an unparalleled battle experience in the game, with various classic chicken-eating elements incorporated into it, if you like it, you must try it! But for the chicken game, you must have a good psychological quality and good strategy to be able to do well in the game.


This is a very challenging multiplayer shooting real-time competitive mobile game. There are many different types of weapons and guns waiting for players to come and get them, and the game terrain can also be destroyed and destroyed by the weapons in your hand. And the rich gameplay allows you to enjoy a more realistic combat experience. Different characters have different exclusive combat skills, which can bring you unexpected effects when released at the right time.

How To Play

In this fantasy island, everything can be destroyed. As a new type of sandbox survival mobile game, you can destroy and shoot recklessly in Creative Destruction, enjoying the joy of life-and-death confrontation.

Camouflage grass

Camouflage grass can be found in treasure chests or airdrops. After using it, it will be wrapped in grass. When squatting, it seems to be hiding in the grass in the wild, which can confuse the enemy.

Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers

Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers can be found in treasure chests or in airdrops. These two weapons are weapons of mass destruction, with a larger blast range and higher damage. The disadvantage is that the artillery fire launched by the two heavy weapons flies slowly, the rocket flies in a straight line, and the grenade flies in a parabola, and it will explode after a fixed period of time.

Treasure chest

There may be treasure chests hidden all over the map, which can be opened to obtain random equipment.

Hot Air Balloon Airdrop

Hot air balloons will randomly and slowly drop on the map, containing advanced materials. The balloon part can be broken to make the box fall early.


After the player steps on it, it will quickly catapult a short distance in the direction of movement. Jumping up will bounce a certain height.

Launch pad

Players will bounce to a high place after stepping on it. They can choose to open the parachute to start flying, or automatically open the parachute when they reach a certain height.


  • By Jayle Felix
    This game reminds me of Fortite
  • By jardaine
    the game is fun
  • By tffyukg
    the game is fun
  • By antony
    i love creative destruction.

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