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Platform :  
Size :   1408.64M
Date :   November 2, 2020
Version :   1.3
Devoloper :   NetEase Games
Tags : Action Adventure Shooting

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Editors' Review

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Are you a team player? Do you like exciting shooting games? If the game is set on a battlefield, are you confident that you and your team can defeat the enemy? If you meet all three of these criteria, you will love the game I introduced you to. The game is called Disorder and was developed by NetEase Games.

The game's background is set in a near-future world of nuclear weapons, the player will play the role of the Grey Knight saving the world, armed with a powerful sci-fi shooter, and join forces with a live-action player to fight off enemy forces. Fight for this fantasy world of the core fortress, use your extreme operation and agility, clever to avoid the enemy's fire while eliminating the opponent, win!

This game is an excellent shooting game, by the majority of players love. This game uses excellent picture processing; players in the game can have a genuine feeling of the game. In the match, the background music and sound effects are also handled very well. The player can have an excellent audio-visual experience in the game and can have the most pleasant shooting game experience feeling. This game is for shooting game players when the choice is perfect, like the players come to try it. Completing daily tasks will help you gain access to many game resources, which will help you achieve more property improvements. There are plenty of activities in the game for you to complete, and the completion of the related activities will be a lot of little rewards. Different guns will have additional attributes, and you can do much good with them. The game has a grand view of the world and is a master of the apocalyptic genre. Meticulous role customization, exclusive talent skills, rich play, and exquisite modelling are exquisite. With a variety of weapons configurations, each team member has a different role to play. Natural art scenes are full of all the details of the apocalyptic environment. You can explore and take risks in the open world, and you can choose to collect supplies or challenge specific replicas for a big reward. A variety of complex challenges helps the player grow, and in the beginning, you can challenge low-level replicas to gain equipment and experience. After the game needs to strengthen unceasingly, it may challenge the intricate pattern to train its operation and the response. Defeat an enemy or capture point in each game to gain experience and gold coins, buy and upgrade equipment and equip yourself. It's up to you to grow in diversity, to help you adapt to the ever-changing battlefield. The game provides a rich selection of positions, such as 5V5 fast-paced single point contention, high-intensity melee multi-position contention, and 100-person Battle of the missile well contention. There are two kinds of offshore ULF play: "single player" and "five-player team". You can choose a "five-player team" to experience the sense of achievement brought by teamwork, also can choose a" single person" for the stimulation that feels like a lone horse. In-game shooting range models are also available for players who want to practice marksmanship or become familiar with the hero. In addition, the game also provides a room system, the choice of play unrestricted. In addition to the heroes from the previous test, this test also added a new hero, "Red" the game has nearly 20 characters to choose from, covering detection, mobility, reinforcement, support, and defence five categories. Each character has three unique skills. The ability to be highly differentiated will provide a wealth of options for team composition. Each character will be equipped with one main gun and three sub-guns; sub-guns can be flexible before the war to adapt to different tactical needs. The game also sets the exclusive achievement and hall display animation for each character for players to unlock. Players in the game can play various hero roles, use different excellent skills, and form a minor partner with your team to compete! The game uses the top engine to build the game picture quality, which can bring the enjoyment which shakes the heart for you.

Overall, the open fantasy science fiction map allows players to explore the vast world. Eye-popping high-definition picture quality, each frame is a beautiful wallpaper. Join forces with real-life players, fight against the forces of evil, and fight for the survival of humanity. The core of the team shooting plays more than players fighting side by side, fighting for victory and glory. The game has a large number of the tremendous shock of the future sci-fi equipment, in the map randomly picked up rare material props. The play carefully designs the hero's profession with a different style; the different professional roles have a completely different fighting ways. Are you starting to get interested? Don't hesitate to download it!


It is an all-hero competitive shooting mobile game launched by NetEase. As a shooting game, Disorder is still very outstanding. Whether it is an assault rifle or a heavy machine gun, it is not bad in terms of recoil, muzzle feedback and hit feedback are very well. In addition to weapons, each character has its own skills according to the positioning of the battlefield. The whole game is full of future technological elements, and the modeling of characters and environments is also very delicate, which is very in line with the war era set by the game. If you want to enjoy a fast-paced, exhilarating team shooter, then Disorder is for you.

How To Play

1. If the current rank is high, try to be careful not to let the gun go off. Any sound is very obvious in the ears of high-level players, and it is easy to find your activity track. At least as much as possible to survive.

2. Don’t rush to collect items in places where there are many people, but hide in one place to observe the enemy’s direction, and inform teammates that different teammates can be divided into different positions.

3. After discovering the enemy, you should first inform your teammates, and don't miss the opportunity when you are sure to kill.

4. Always maintain a happy game mentality, don't complain because of teammates’ mistakes, it is easy to cause differences and lead to loss of points or continuous loss of opportunities for victory.

5. You need to be familiar with the currently free heroes. Each hero has powerful attributes and is an essential factor in occupying the missile silo.

6. You must have 4 teammates who can communicate, which is very important. As it is a team game, it is difficult for one person to change anything, only the strength of the team is the most important.



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